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Every performance by sound|counterpoint is a labor of love. We love the music and we love sharing it with you. No performance is possible without you sitting out there in the hall, engaged in the moment of creation, but we also depend on your financial support to make it happen. The hard reality is that concert production is costly, and ticket prices cover just a fraction of the costs. Venue and instrument rentals, travel expenses, music preparation and printing, rehearsal and performance fees, publicity–it all takes cash to bring these special musical moments to life.

We hope you will consider joining sound|counterpoint as a fiscal sponsor.  Your support will help us to continue to produce innovative, fun, and vibrant musical experiences for all. It’s safe and easy to make a tax-deductible donation online through our Early Music Seattle portal. You will be acknowledged in our programs and have our personal gratitude. Be a part of supporting local music and artists today! Thank you!

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